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Linear Drain Grate  - Balcony DrainsLinear Drain Grate - Trench and Grate Only 2
Linear Drain Grate (Trench and Grate Only)
Starting at $208.00
Linear Shower Drain with Copper Drain Body 1Linear Shower Drain with Copper Drain Body 2
Linear Shower Drain with Copper Drain Body
Starting at $353.00
Balcony Deck DrainBalcony Deck Drain 02
Balcony Deck Drain
Starting at $70.00
Adjustable Copper Deck Drain by CopperlabCopper Adjustable Tile & Concrete Deck Drain - Balcony Drains - Copperlab
Copper Adjustable Tile & Concrete Deck Drain
Starting at $128.00
Copper Roof Scupper 1Copper Roof Scupper 2
Copper Roof Scupper
Starting at $91.00
Decorative Scupper - Copper - Side ViewDecorative Scupper - 16oz Copper - Specs
Copper Decorative Roof Scupper
Starting at $121.00
Bottom Outlet Roof Drain - Roof Drains 1Bottom Outlet Roof Drain - Roof Drains 2
Bottom Outlet Roof Drain
Starting at $181.00
Side Outlet Roof Drain - CopperSide Outlet Roof Drain - Video
Side Outlet Roof Drain
Starting at $224.00
Thin Membrane Bowl Deck Drain - 16oz CopperCopper Thin Membrane Bowl Deck Drain 02
Copper Thin Membrane Bowl Deck Drain
Starting at $172.00
TPO Scupper - Stainless SteelTPO Clad Scupper Drain - Specs
TPO Clad Stainless Steel Roof Scupper
Starting at $113.00
Stainless Steel Scupper 1Stainless Steel Scupper 2
Stainless Steel Scupper
Starting at $85.00
Balcony Deck Drain with OverflowBalcony Deck Drain with Overflow 02
Balcony Deck Drain with Overflow
Starting at $124.00
More about drains.

Effective and reliable drainage is essential for any property. Drains collect water from outdoor weather or indoor resident use and send it through plumbing fixtures to be offloaded away from the building itself. Without drains — or with improperly-functioning drains — water can pool on roofs, floors, or other surfaces, causing severe damage and posing a safety risk for those inside a building. To ensure that your space stays dry and your residents stay safe, it’s important to invest in high-performing drains for all areas in your home or business.

At Copperlab, we are proud to carry a selection of drains in a number of styles and sizes to fit any structure. Our drains are made from copper, stainless steel, and professional grade TPO/PVC to ensure lasting durability and reliability. Learn more about our steel, PVC/TPO, and copper drains below, and find the perfect products for your home or business here.

High-Quality Hardware Options for Optimal Drainage

Whether you are looking to outfit your entire roof with a new drainage system or simply searching for a replacement shower drain, our team here at Copperlab has the industry-leading options for you. We carry an extensive selection of roof drains, wall drains, shower drains, and more to meet the needs of all property owners. Many of our drains are available in a number of sizes and materials — including stainless steel, PVC/TPO, and copper. For ultimate durability, we recommend our copper drain products, which do not melt (great for excessive sunlight) and do not rust (great for excessive rain and snow).

Your Trusted Source for Commercial and Residential Drains

At Copperlab, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We carry only the finest products from the industry’s top distributors to ensure that our buyers get solutions that they can count on to perform. Whether you are in search of an elegant and long-lasting copper drain or an affordable and reliable TPO/PVC solution, we have the products you need. Shop our inventory below, and contact us for support.