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Deck & Balcony Drains

Why balcony drains matter?

A balcony is a place to enjoy and take in the great outdoors in comfort. However, when the great outdoors shows up in full-force in the form of rain or snow, balconies can incur significant damage without proper drainage in place. A balcony deck drain will keep any balcony from flooding and sustaining water damage, helping to preserve it no matter the weather. Installing a balcony drain will also help protect the rest of a property from structural damage due to water.

Keep your balconies and the rest of your property dry with high-quality balcony drains from our trusted suppliers here at Copperlab. We carry a selection of balcony deck drains made from copper and stainless steel to ensure the highest degree of durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Learn more about the importance of balcony deck drains and the superiority of our products below, and find the perfect deck drain for your property here.

Why your balcony needs a drain?

Water is bad news for balconies. When left to pool after sustained rain- or snowfall, water can weigh down a balcony, waterlog it, and lead to the presence of mold, fungus, and pests. This will not only affect the structural integrity and lifespan of a balcony — it will also pose a safety risk for those who use it. If you have a balcony that encounters precipitation at any point in the year, it’s important to outfit it with a quality balcony deck drain to avoid issues posed by the presence of water. In the event of precipitation or flooding, balcony drains collect water and move it off of a balcony through gutters or other drainage infrastructure. Installing one on your balcony will help keep it dry, preventing water damage and keeping those on your property safe.

Why pros choose copper or stainless steel?

When choosing a balcony deck drain, you want a product that performs and lasts season after season. Some balcony deck drains come with low price tags, but these drains are often made from plastics or low-grade metals that are prone to rusting, warping, and breaking over time. At the intersection of price and performance are high-quality stainless steel and copper balcony deck drains like those here at Copperlab. Copper and stainless steel are both 100% rust-resistant. Plus, they’re highly durable, meaning they won’t wear down, warp, or crack with prolonged exposure to inclement weather. Easy to clean and great-looking, copper and stainless steel balcony deck drains are an excellent choice for any property in need of balcony drainage.

What are my balcony drain options?

At Copperlab, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of copper and stainless steel deck drains designed for optimal performance and lasting durability. In our inventory on this page, you’ll find a selection of balcony deck drains like our Commercial Tile Deck Drain, outfitted with a height-adjustable strainer and available in copper with a number of different grate types to choose from. Other popular products include our Balcony Deck Drain, Bowl Deck Drain, and Balcony Deck Drain With Overflow, each available in a variety of configurations and sizes. We source our copper and stainless steel balcony deck drains from the industry’s top manufacturers to ensure the highest standard of quality across our entire inventory. Explore our selection on this page to find the perfect balcony deck drain for your property.