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Parapet Drains & Scuppers

Buy Parapet Roof Scuppers From Copperlab

Parapet drains, also called roof scuppers, are indispensable parts of any roof drainage system. These drains ensure that water collecting near parapets is sent into gutters and drained away from your home or business, preventing damage and keeping your residents safe. At Copperlab, we carry an extensive selection of professional-grade parapet drains and decorative roof scuppers made from stainless steel and copper materials. These materials are not only elegant and effective — they are also resistant to rust and melting, making them perfect for lifetime use on any roof.

Learn more about roof drainage and our selection of parapet scuppers below, and shop with us today.

The Importance of Roof Drainage

Every roof will encounter water at some point in its lifetime. Without proper drainage in place, a roof may retain water and sustain damage. This can lead to expensive repairs and a host of health and safety risks for property owners. Roof drainage systems that collect and disperse water are essential in keeping roofs dry and properties safe. Parapet scuppers, drains located on the sides of parapets, are responsible for taking water that has collected on a roof’s side walls and transporting it into gutters. Without parapet drainage, water can collect and damage any roof near its parapets. Investing in reliable parapet scupper drains is essential in extending the life of any roof.

The Superiority of Stainless Steel and Copper

When choosing parapet scuppers for your roof, you want to be sure to select products that work the way they’re supposed to. You also want to select solutions that last—and, if possible, you want them to fit the overall aesthetic of your property. In terms of performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal, there are few better choices than our roof scupper for sale here at Copperlab. Our parapet scuppers are made from stainless steel and copper, materials that are resistant to both melting and rust. Where lesser metals and plastics may corrode or simply break over time, stainless steel and copper will last a lifetime and look great year after year. Take a look at the decorative roof scuppers in our inventory to find an aesthetically-appealing fit for your property.

Parapet Drains and Roof Scupper Options

To meet the needs of our residential and commercial clientele, our supply team here at Copperlab proudly carries an extensive selection of sizes and styles of parapet scuppers for any roof. Some of our most popular selections include our CopperThrough Wall Parapet Roof Drain (available in 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes with overflow add-ons available) and our Stainless Steel Scupper (available in four different scupper sizes ranging from 3” x 2” to 6” x 4”).

Other options include our TPO Clad Stainless Steel Through Wall Parapet Roof Drain (also available in 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes with overflow add-ons available). Explore our inventory to below find the perfect parapet scuppers for your needs, and order online from our trusted suppliers today.