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Linear Drains

Why linear drains?

Every shower needs a good drain. Your shower drain ensures that water, soap, and other materials are moved from your shower floor, into your plumbing, and out into the city’s sewer system. Without a high-performing linear drain, clogging and flooding can occur — both of which can lead to health concerns, aesthetic deterioration, and large-scale structural damage in any bathroom. To keep your shower, your bathroom, and your entire property safe, you need a reliable shower drain. At Copperlab, we’re here to help.

As one of the industry’s premier suppliers of high-quality copper and stainless fixtures for homes and businesses, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of shower drains for showers of all sizes and styles. Made from copper and stainless-steel materials, our shower drains are both high-performing and aesthetically appealing. Browse our inventory for both circular and linear shower drains, and learn more about the many advantages of our products below.
Why quality is key?

In any bathroom, drainage is essential. Bathrooms deal with large amounts of water on a daily basis, and without good drainage, water damage can quickly occur. By the far biggest source of water, and thus the area where drainage is most important, is the shower. A shower without a properly-functioning drain can quickly clog and flood, contributing to structural damage and health concerns due to standing water. Shower drains that drain inadequately can also ruin the showering experience by draining too slowly, cultivating mildew, or breaking altogether. A high-quality shower drain will not only protect your proper — it will improve your showering experience day in and day out.

Why do professional choose copper or steel?

Shower drains shouldn’t break. They shouldn’t clog or cultivate mildew either. However, certain cheap shower drains made from flimsy plastics or low-grade metals will do all of the above and more. This can lead to frustration and frequent replacements. For an alternative that will provide lasting performance and look great while doing it, there is no better choice than a copper or stainless steel shower drain. Copper and stainless steel are 100% resistant to rust, making them a great choice for even the most frequently-used shower. They are also incredibly strong, unlikely to break with temperature changes or foundation shifting. Plus, they are easy to clean and easy on the eyes. A copper or stainless steel shower drain in your bathroom adds an instant touch of elegance that’s simple to maintain with a quick scrub.

What options are there to choose from?

Searching for a high-quality copper or stainless steel shower drain? You’ve come to the right place. At Copperlab, we proudly carry an extensive collection of copper and stainless steel shower drains designed to fit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. In our inventory, you’ll find classic selections like the Shower Floor Drain and the Stainless Steel Floor Drain, each available in several grate style options and hub fittings. We also carry larger linear shower drains like the Linear Shower Drain With Copper Drain Body, available in lengths ranging from 30” to 60” — great for high-volume showers. Explore these and other copper and stainless steel shower drain products in our inventory here.