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Overflow Drains

Buy Overflow Drains From Copperlab

Sometimes, the old saying is true: when it rains, it pours. In the event of heavy downpour, typical drainage isn’t always enough to move water away from a property in a timely manner. In these cases, drains on roofs, decks, and other areas need extra assistance to deal with inevitable overflow. Overflow drains are the solution. Either installed adjacent to drains or available as a component of drains themselves, overflow drains are essential moving water off a property in the event of large storm or flood.

At Copperlab, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of overflow drains for residential and commercial properties. We carry both standalone overflow drains and roof drains with overflow drains attached. Our overflow drain products are made from copper and stainless steel to ensure the highest standard of performance and durability. Plus, they look great. Learn more about the importance of overflow drains below, and find the perfect product for your property with us.

Overflow Drains: What Are They, and Why Are They Important?

As their name suggests, overflow drains are special types of drains designed to handle overflow from large quantities of water. Overflow drains work the same as regular drains and they are typically installed in addition to regular drains to provide more drainage in a given area. Unlike regular drains, overflow drains are usually raised so as not to begin draining until water has reached a certain level. In the event of flooding or heavy precipitation, regular drains can quickly reach their maximum rate of drainage — meaning they can’t drain water any quicker. When this happens and there is still a lot of water left to be drained, water damage to a property can occur. Overflow drains prevent this from happening by supporting regular drains with extra drainage. These drains are essential to have in areas with high-precipitation or flash floods.

Stainless Steel and Copper: The Ideal Materials for Overflow Drains

The ideal overflow drain is designed to handle large quantities of water without complications. Cheap overflow drains made from low-grade metals or plastics are prone to damage, rust, and other weathering over time. Overflow drains made from stainless steel or copper, on the other hand, are rated for 100% rust-resistance and lifetime durability. Strong and unlikely to warp or break in the event of inclement weather, copper and stainless steel overflow drains are built to handle even the most demanding outdoor conditions. Not only that, but they’re also easy-to-clean and aesthetically pleasing. Add them to your home or business for an elegant touch that doesn’t cut corners on performance.

Stainless Steel and Copper Overflow Drain Options at Copperlab

Overflow drains are typically available in two variations. There are standalone overflow drains, which are installed adjacent to existing regular drains; and there are regular drains with overflow drains attached, consolidated overflow solutions great for new construction and drain renovations. At Copperlab, we are proud to carry both types of overflow drains. Explore our inventory for high-quality solutions like the Bottom Outlet Roof Drain With Overflow, Balcony Deck Drain With Overflow, and standalone Overflow Drain, each available in a variety of sizes and configurations.Find these and other copper and stainless steel overflow drains here.