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Soffit Vents


Buy Soffit Vents From Copperlab

Soffit vents are an indispensable part of any home ventilation system. Also known as intake vents or under eave vents, soffit vents work in conjunction with exhaust vents to keep an interior space climate-controlled and dry. They allow cold air to be circulated into a building’s attic so that hot air and moisture may be pushed out through exhaust vents. Soffit vents may also be installed in areas including bathrooms and kitchens to further improve air circulation.

When choosing soffit vents for your home or business, it’s important to select products that provide ample ventilation with lasting durability and performance. At Copperlab, we carry only the finest soffit vents and under eave vents made from copper and stainless steel to ensure optimal ventilation, weather-resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Learn more about the advantages of our stainless steel and copper soffit vents, and order online from our inventory today.

The Importance of Soffit Vents — Where Are They Used?

Soffit vents allow cool air to move into the interior of a building to facilitate ventilation, remove moisture, and keep temperatures from getting too hot. Soffit vents are commonly placed under the eaves of a home or business to intake cold air directly into the attic, where warm air and moisture can build up and cause damage to the roof and walls of a building. These under eave soffit vents are essential to keeping a property in good condition year-round. Soffit vents may also be placed on exterior or interior walls of a property to promote cool air intake and air circulation.

The Advantages of Copperlab Soffit Vents — Why Copper and Stainless Steel?

Whether they are affixed to exterior or interior surfaces, soffit vents deal with air, moisture, and other trace debris on a daily basis. If soffit vents made of lesser-quality materials, prolonged exposure to these elements can cause them to rust and break. Made from stainless steel and copper, the soffit vents here at Copperlab are resistant to water damage and other weathering — perfect for lifelong use in any climate. Their elegant exteriors and superior craftsmanship also make our soffit vents the ideal aesthetic choice for homes and businesses of all styles. Plus, they’re designed for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning, making maintenance a breeze, literally.

Available Soffit Vent Styles, Sizes, and Other Options

To meet the individual configurations and size requirements of residential and commercial properties alike, our distributors here at Copperlab proudly carry an extensive selection of soffit vents in a number of styles and sizes. For walls and under eaves, we carry both round soffit vents and square soffit vents. Our round vents include our:

Our square vents include our: 

In addition to these copper soffit vents, we also carry our Under Eave & Soffit Dryer Vent / Exhaust Vent (available in copper, hammered copper, or stainless steel and available in 4” and 6” sizes) — the ideal under eave soffit vents for both homes and businesses.