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Copperlab News

How to Replace a Shower Drain
Replacing a shower drain isn’t an impossible job, but it can present some challenges (especially if you’re inexperienced in plumbing projects). If ...

Solar Flashings: What They Are and Why You Need Them
Are you considering solar for your home or business? Then solar flashing is going to be an essential part of the install.

Dryer Vent Installation Guide (2021)
Mechanized clothes dryers were first invented in 19th century England and have since been modernized. In the past 80 years, the dryer has become a ...

Kitchen Ventilation Buying Guide
What room in the house is mostly like to be filled with smoke, odors, heat, and everything in between? For most people, it’s the kitchen without a ...

What is a Soffit Vent?
A soffit vent is a type of roof vent that you install under the eaves of your roof that extend over the walls of your home. Soffit vents help balan...