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Roof Jacks

Copper Pipe & Penetration Flashing - Pipe Flashings Copper Pipe & Penetration Flashing - Pipe Flashings
Copper Pipe & Penetration Flashing
Starting at $84.00
Roof Vent Pipe - CopperRoof Vent Pipe - Copper - Details
Copper Vent Pipe Stack
Starting at $142.00
Copper Roof Jack Vent - Pipe FlashingsCopper Roof Jack Vent - Copper Flashing
Roof Jack
Starting at $211.00
Solar Flashing - Pipe Flashings - CopperlabSolar Flashing - Pipe Flashings - Copperlab
Solar Flashing
Starting at $20.00
TPO Clad Stainless Steel T-Top Vent - Pipe Flashings 4TPO Clad Stainless Steel T-Top Vent - Pipe Flashings 5
TPO Clad Stainless Steel T-Top Vent
Starting at $151.00
PVC Clad Stainless Steel T-Top Vent - Pipe Flashings 1PVC Clad Stainless Steel T-Top Vent - Pipe Flashings 2
PVC Clad Stainless Steel T-Top Vent
Starting at $134.00

Buy Roof Jack Flashings From Copperlab

Roof jack flashings, also known as roof jacks, are important components for roof drainage and ventilation systems. On many roofs, piping and ventilation components stop below the roof line, which can cause complications in terms of climate control, moisture protection, and overall performance. Roof jacks create a protected protrusion that extends piping and ventilation beyond the roof to improve functionality in these areas. Roof jacks can also be used to provide added protection for plastic or metal pipes protruding from a roof line.

Here at Copperlab, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of roof jacks designed to provide protection and improved ventilation for pipes on residential and commercial roofs. The roof jacks in our inventory are made from copper and stainless steel materials to ensure best-in-class durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Learn more about sizes, styles, pitching options, and custom orders below, and find the right roof jacks for your needs from our trusted suppliers.

The Many Advantages of Stainless Steel and Copper Roof Jack Flashings

Roof jack flashings provide a means for air and water to pass through a roof without causing damage to the roof itself or the surrounding property. While there are many types of roof jacks on the market, those made from low-grade metals or flimsy plastics are prone to breakage, rust, and weathering —making them more trouble than they’re worth. For roof jack flashings designed to perform and built to last, choose products made from stainless steel and copper. These metals are incredibly durable and 100% rust-resistant — great for lifetime use in even the most demanding conditions. Plus, copper and stainless steel have a degree of aesthetic elegance unmatched by other materials. Roof jack flashings made from these materials can flawlessly accent any roof.

Roof Jack Product Options at Copperlab

For the industry’s best in moisture protection and lasting durability, there is no better place to buy your roof jack flashings than right here at Copperlab. We proudly carry an extensive selection of copper and stainless steel roof jack flashings designed for all areas of residential and commercial roofs. Some of our most popular products include the Roof Jack, Vent Stack, and Copper Pipe and Penetration Flashing, each available in a number of sizes with pitching configured to your exact requirements. Shop these and other industry-leading roof jack flashings from our inventory here.