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Gable Wall Vents


More about gable vents

Attic ventilation improves air quality, reduces energy costs, and prevents damage due to moisture. At the literal apex of every attic ventilation system is the gable vent, a simple ventilation component that sits at the intersection of a home’s wall and roof to allow indoor air to escape. Gable vents are instrumental in facilitating proper circulation in an attic space, which is vital for preserving the condition of a building’s roof and the attic itself.

When choosing gable vents for your home or business, you want to invest in products that are durable, high-performing, and aesthetically appealing—since these vents sit visibly on the exterior of your building. At Copperlab, we carry a selection of high-quality gable vents made from stainless steel and copper materials to ensure elegant aesthetic appeal and lasting ventilation performance even in the harshest weather condition. Get more information on gable vents and the products in our inventory below, and order with us today.

What do gable vents do?

Gable vents are ventilation components attached to the area where the wall of a slanted-roof building meets the roof itself. This area is known as the gable, and it’s often the highest point in a home or business. As the highest point, it’s the region where heated, moisturized air collects indoors. If left to sit, this air can cause structural damage to a roof and attic. It can also make climate controlling an indoor space significantly less efficient. Adding gable vents to the gables of a property allows warm, moist air to escape and new outdoor air to circulate in, reducing moisture to prevent damage while improving air quality and energy efficiency.

Stainless steel or copper?

Gable vents sit on the exterior of a property, where they are subject to the elements and the eyes of passerby. For these reasons, gable vents should be both weather-resistant and aesthetically-pleasing. Low-quality gable vents made from plastic or weak metal are not only eye sores — they are also subject to cracking and rusting over time. Conversely, stainless steel and copper gable vents are resistant to rust and weathering. Built to last a lifetime, the can handle the year-round transfer hot air and moisture without showing any signs of wear. They also feature elegant metallic exteriors that look great on virtually any property. Plus, these exteriors prevent pests, which can pose problems on the roofs of homes and businesses alike.

Gable vent options

To help you get the perfect gable vent for your property, our trusted supply team here at Copperlab proudly carries an extensive selection of gable vents available in a number of sizes and styles. Some of our most popular curved gable vents include our:

  • Round Circle Louver Gable Wall Vent
  • Tombstone Louvered Gable Wall Vent.

Our most popular rectangular gable vents include our:

  • Square Louvered Gable End Vent
  • Rectangular Louvered Gable End Vent

All of our gable vents are available in both stainless steel and copper materials. We also offer two mounting options: flush mounts for buildings with siding already installed, and stucco mounts for pre-siding installations. Shop our inventory of stainless steel and copper gable vents below, and order with us now.