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Exhaust Vents

Exhaust Vent - Copper - SideExhaust Vent - Copper - Angle
Copper Dryer Exhaust Vent (4" - 12")
Starting at $112.00
Louvered Dryer Vent - Copper - Low ProfileLouvered Dryer Vent - Copper - Side
Copper Louvered Dryer Vent (4"-12")
Starting at $157.00
Under Eave Soffit Vent - CopperUnder Eave Soffit Vent - Copper - Bottom
Copper Under Eave Soffit Vent
Starting at $110.00
Copper Low Profile Roof Exhaust Vent - Exhaust Vents - CopperlabCopper Low Profile Roof Exhaust Vent - Exhaust Vents - Copperlab
Copper Low Profile Roof Exhaust Vent
Starting at $263.00
Low Profile Under Eave Exhaust Vent - Exhaust Vents - CopperlabLow Profile Under Eave Exhaust Vent - Exhaust Vents - Copperlab
Low Profile Under Eave Exhaust Vent
Starting at $172.00
Dryer Roof Vent ImageDryer Roof Vent - Side View
Round Soffit Vent with Screen by CopperlabSoffit Vent Round Vent Screen - 2
Round Soffit Vent With Screen (1" - 6")
Starting at $16.00
Wall Louver Vent - CopperWall Mounted Low Profile Louver Vent - Exhaust Vents - Copperlab
Wall Mounted Louver Vent
Square Ventilation Grid With Screen - Exhaust Vents - CopperlabSquare Ventilation Grid With Screen - Exhaust Vents - Copperlab
Square Ventilation Grid With Screen
Starting at $58.00
Soffit Vent - RectangularRectangular Ventilation Grid with Screen - Exhaust Vents - Copperlab
Rectangular Ventilation Grid with Screen
Starting at $58.00
Exhaust Vent - 316 Stainless SteelExhaust Vent - 316 Stainless Steel - Angle
Soffit Dryer Vent - Stainless SteelSoffit Dryer Vent - Stainless Steel - Side Profile
Stainless Steel Soffit Dryer Vent
Starting at $156.00
Stainless Steel Low Profile Roof Exhaust Vent - Exhaust Vents - Copperlab
Stainless Steel Low Profile Roof Exhaust Vent
Starting at $314.00
What are exhaust vents?

Together with intake vents, exhaust vents provide an indispensable air ventilation system for any residential or commercial property. While intake vents allow cool air to enter a space, exhaust vents allow warm air (exhaust) to escape. Exhaust vents not only allow interior spaces to be climate-controlled more efficiently and evenly — they also improve the longevity of a building’s roof by preventing ice damming. Exhaust vents also remove excess moisture and pollutants from interior spaces, protecting properties and those within them.

Though exhaust vents play a crucial role in building ventilation, not all exhaust vent products accomplish this role to the same degree of effectiveness. Some aren’t resistant to weather or wildlife, while others don’t ventilate adequately. At Copperlab, we are proud to carry a selection of high-performing exhaust vents made from copper and stainless to guarantee lasting weather-resistance and optimal ventilation. Ideal for both homes and businesses, our exhaust vents do their job well and look great while doing it.

What are the benefits of exhaust vents?

The exhaust vents in your property work around the clock to ventilate your space and keep your air fresh. When they aren’t working, everything and everyone under your roof suffers. While exhaust vents made from plastic and lower-grade metals do provide some circulation, they can be difficult to clean and are prone to deterioration due to water damage and weathering. The stainless steel and copper exhaust vents carried here at Copperlab are resistant to water damage and weathering. They are made with the highest degree of craftsmanship to ensure flush fits and ample ventilation wherever they are installed. Their metal surfaces are easy to clean, resistant to heat, and fortified to guard against wildlife — great for even the most extreme environments.

What are my options with exhaust vents?

Though most commonly installed on roofs and attic areas, exhaust vents are also used to exhaust air from kitchen stoves and bathrooms. At Copperlab, we carry a selection of stainless steel and copper exhaust vents for every setting. For roofs and attics, we carry the Low Profile Louvered Dryer Vent / Exhaust Vent, the Low Profile Roof Exhaust Vent, and the Rooftop Dryer Vent / Exhaust Vent, each available in a number of sizes with custom configurations available upon request. For walls, we recommend our most popular vent, the Copper Dryer Vent / Copper Exhaust Vent, available in 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" sizes. Our selection of soffit vents may also be used as wall or roof exhaust vents. Adding exhaust vents under your eaves? We recommend our Under Eave & Soffit Dryer Vent / Exhaust Vent, available in 4” and 6” sizes.

Each exhaust vent in our inventory can be ordered in copper, hammered copper, or stainless steel. Exhaust vents can be ordered with a one-way damper, a filter screen, or both. Flush and stucco mount models are available for applicable vents.

What to know about exhaust vent maintenance

The condition of your exhaust vents influences the air quality of your entire property. Damaged or clogged vents can lead to poor quality, increased energy costs, and a host of health issues for those under your roof. To ensure that your exhaust vents stay clean and free of dirt and dust, we recommend scheduling cleanings at least twice a year. To avoid damage from weather and curious wildlife, it’s important to invest in exhaust vents made from quality materials built to withstand the elements. Crafted from rust-resistant and wildlife-proof copper and stainless steel, our exhaust vents here at Copperlab are an excellent choice.