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Dormer Vents

Dormer vents

Dormer vents are vital components of any property’s ventilation system. Installed on the roof of a home or business, these vents facilitate the circulation of air into and out of the attic, removing old indoor air and allowing new outdoor air to enter. This keeps excess moisture and heat out of an indoor space, preventing damage to a property, freshening the air, and allowing climate control system to work more efficiently. When investing in dormer vents for your property, you’ll want to choose products designed for optimal ventilation, lasting weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. At Copperlab, we have your solutions.

We are proud to carry a large selection of stainless steel and copper dormer vents made by some of the industry’s top manufacturers. Resistant to rust and breakage, our stainless steel and copper roof dormer vents facilitate excellent ventilation with lasting durability that holds up in any condition. Plus, their elegant exteriors look great on homes and commercial buildings of any style. Learn more about our dormer vents below, and order online from our trusted supply team here.

How dormer vents help you property

Proper ventilation is vital for any property. In the attic area in particular, where warm air and moisture collect, ventilation allows for the dispersal of old air and the circulation of new, outdoor air. This process not only freshens a property’s air supply — it also prevents water damage and helps keep indoor spaces climate-controlled. Designed to circulate old air out of attic spaces and bring new in from outdoors, dormer vents are an instrumental part of any attic ventilation system. When properly installed, a set of high-quality dormer vents can prevent severe damage to a property and reduce energy bills by hundreds of dollars each year.

Stainless steel and copper dormer vents

Dormer vents are attached to the exterior of a roof. Thus, they are subject to the elements year-round. They are also visible to passerby. When choosing dormer vents for your home or business, you want solutions that will perform in any weather condition and look great while doing it. Lesser-quality dormer vents made from plastic or low-grade metal not only look cheap—they are also given to cracking, corrosion, and other damages. Plus, they can harbor animal pests. Dormer vents made from stainless steel and copper are resistance to rust and breakage and elegantly finished for stylish aesthetic appeal. Their smooth metallic surfaces also facilitate optimal ventilation and easy cleaning while preventing pests from entering your property.

Dormer vent options

At Copperlab, we carry an extensive selection of stainless steel and copper dormer vents in a number of sizes and styles to fit all roofs. Our most popular product, the Half Round Copper Dormer Vent, is available in both stainless steel and copper materials and 16” and 24” sizes with different pitches available. We also carry an 18” Peak Top Dormer Vent (available in both copper and stainless steel with several pitch options), great for property owners in search of a more angular look for their buildings. Made from professional-grade materials with superior craftsmanship, our dormer vents are designed to perform and built to last a lifetime. Browse our selection below to find the perfect product for your property.