Rooftop Dryer Vent / Exhaust Vent

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Roof Vent Cap for use with clothes dryer, bathroom fan, stove and kitchen exhaust and more.  Avaialbe for up to 12" diameter pipe.  Can be ordered with a one way damper and / or screen.  Made out of copper, stainless steel, or hammered copper.

California Prop 65 WARNING

  • Roof Vent Cap
  • Made of 16 ounce copper or stainless steel
  • Can be used on flat or pitched roofs
  • Perfect application for clothes dryer vent, stove exhaust fan, and bathroom fan vents
  • Available in 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" diameter pipe sizes
  • Configurable with one way air damper and/or screen
  • Pipe connection length is 5" (standard)


Dryer Vent Note: If you are using this product to vent a dryer it should not be ordered with a screen.  Order with flapper only.  A screen can catch the lint from your dryer causing a fire hazard.

Intake Vent Note:  If you are using this product as an intake vent or to exhaust a fireplace then order with screen only. The one way air damper (flapper) only lets air out.


More Information
Manufacturer Copperlab, LLC
Product Drawing Rooftop Dryer Vent Drawing  (171 KB) 
Application Bathroom Vent, Dryer Vent, Exhaust Vent, Intake Vent, Stove Vent
Installation Flat Roof, Pitched Roof
Material Copper, Stainless Steel
Part Numbers
RMDV10 10" Rooftop Dryer Vent
RMDV10FS 10" Rooftop Dryer Vent w/ Flapper and Screen
RMDV4 4" Rooftop Dryer Vent
RMDV4FS 4" Rooftop Dryer Vent w/ Flapper and Screen
RMDV6 6" Rooftop Dryer Vent
RMDV6FS 6" Rooftop Dryer Vent w/ Flapper and Screen
RMDV8 8" Rooftop Dryer Vent
RMDV8FS 8" Rooftop Dryer Vent w/ Flapper and Screen
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